Preston Coates, #25, loves playing basketball!  He has played since before kindergarten, and he shoots for at least an extra hour each day.  Likewise, Preston is a very driven student.  He earns straight A's at Power Ranch Elementary in Gilbert.  He enjoys being the tallest 4th grader at his school, and is actually taller than many of the 5th and 6th graders!  He is one tall drink of water!  Preston has always loved math and science.  He enjoys putting things together, and figuring out how things work.  He is interested in being some kind of engineer when he is older.  Also, Preston is a Webelos Cub Scout.  Recently, he participated in the Pinewood Derby, and won the entire event with a car he named, "Team Arizona #25"!  During the fall, Preston enjoys playing tight end and defensive end for his football club, The Special Forces.  One special personality characteristic of Preston is that he is a good friend.  He is easy going and kind to all, and has many friends.  Preston is an outstanding athlete and student.  He works so hard, and is not afraid to compete with/against kids much older than he is.  We know that this fierceness will help him later on in life.  Most of all, he is loving the competition of playing for Team Arizona this year!  

Posted by Josh Gonzales, Created Tue Apr 30, 2013