Skills Development & Training! Print
Are you ready to take your game to the next level?

Fundamentals and discipline is where the foundation is laid in order to launch your basketball game to the next level.  These skills must be developed and refined at ALL ages.  Come find out what a Skills Development & Training workout can do for your game!

Some of the skills that will be developed at a training:

Body Control & Balance
Reaction/Anticipation Drills
Hand/Eye Coordination
Pivot Moves
Agilities & Stretching
Stationary & Full Court Ball Handling
Two Ball - Ball Handling & Passing
Boxing Out & Rebounding
Team & Individual Participation

Tools used:  Ball handling goggles, weighted balls, jump ropes, step ladders, etc..

Coaches, experts and guest trainers:  Varsity Basketball Coach, Personal Trainer/Fitness Coach, Professional Basketball Player.

Check out the "Master Schedule" on the left for the next training & see you there!!!

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